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Melaque, Jalisco

Escape to a slice of paradise where the waves whisper and the palm trees sway. Welcome to our Villas Zamora on the beach, your perfect retreat nestled on the sun-kissed shores. Wake up to the melody of the ocean, spend your days exploring the sandy stretches, and your evenings under a canopy of stars. At our Villas, we don't just offer a stay; we offer an escape to your own piece of paradise, where every day feels like a gentle embrace and the world feels right at your doorstep. Welcome home, to a haven where the breeze is sweeter —a true home away from home, where memories await to be made.

Welcome To Melaque, Jalisco

Our History

The oldest recorded settlements were the Otomes between 250 to 759 BC. The area was received waves of new immigrant tribes; the Toltecs (900 to 1154), Aztecs and then the Chichimecas (1154 to 1428) They fished, harvested salt and farmed. Historical evidence is found primarily through the numerous pottery finds in the area. The dominant language was Nahuatl with local variations.


In 1535 Juan Fernandez de Hijar,  a Spanish Captain discovered the area and developed a boatbuilding/repair port in Puetro de Navidad. It was renamed Barra de Navidad 5 years later.


San Patricio was named after Saint Patrick's Battalion – 175 to 200 - mainly Irish catholic deserters from the US Army that fought with the Mexican Army in the Mexican American War of 1846 – 48. They fought with the Mexicans primarily because they were allowed to have mass and because  they were promised more money and land grants.


Melaque has historically been a vacation area for Mexicans and now mostly Canadian SnowbirdsThe area forms a simple seaside town that caters to snowbirds in the winter. Maintaining its traditional Mexican flavor, Melaque is an easy going pueblo to watch the world go by. Sunrises and sunsets on the bay provide much of the daily action

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